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Why would you ever use a Plastic Hub-Centric Ring?

Why would you ever use a Plastic Hub-Centric Ring?

This is a fantastic video about hub rings made by our friends over at Konig Wheels

Hub-Centric Rings are used as an alignment tool during the installation of your wheels. It's job is to take up the gap between your aftermarket wheel's centerbore, and the hub of your vehicle. Working as a dowel pin, the Hub Ring is a key component when installing aftermarket wheels to your ride. Not only are hub rings important, but they're also easily overlooked. One of the most common questions we get regarding hub rings revolve around the question of using metal over plastic, or vice-versa. Naturally, it makes sense to think that a metal hub ring would work better than a plastic one, right? In today's episode, we'll go over exactly why that misconception is false, why plastic hub rings should be used by 99% of vehicles, and how YOU can have a smooth and enjoyable experience when it comes to install your next wheel & tire package.

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