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McGard 24515 Locking Lug Nut Set - 14x1.5 Cone Seat - Chrome - Set of Five with Key

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  • Fits: Most vehicles with 14x1.5 wheel studs and wheels that utilize a 60 degree standard size conical seat lug nut.
  • Specifications: 14x1.5 - Acorn style locking lug nut - 60 degree cone seat - 21mm & 22mm hex
  • Features: Made in the USA from "Through-Hardened" steel - Chrome Finish - Lifetime Warranty! Designed to prevent/deter theft of wheels. Installed one lock per wheel. Unique key pattern
  • McGard Item # 24515
 Quantity in Package: 5 Lock Nuts & 1 Key
Thread Size: 14x1.5
Seat Type: Conical Seat 60 Degree
Hex/Wrench Size: 21mm & 22mm
Length: 1.639"
Construction: Through-Hardened Steel
Finish: Chrome

Lug nuts have two compatibilities, one to match the lug nut thread size to the vehicle's wheel studs and the other to match the lug nut style to the wheel. eBay's compatibility tool is used to match the thread size of the lug nut to the vehicle's wheel studs, it does not match the lug nut style to the wheel. Make sure you have chosen the correct style prior to placing an order, ask if you have any questions.

  • This style of lug nut is generally used on aftermarket wheels with exposed lug nuts that require a standard size conical seat lug nut.
  • Does not work with factory wheels where the center cap or hub cap is held in place by the lug nut.
  • The pattern on the key is unique, it will not match another set of locks. What you receive may not be the same pattern as in the picture.
  • If you plan on using the factory lug wrench check the hex size and make sure it matches.
  • Store the key in a safe place, like the glove box or with the spare tire and tools.
  • The key number is on the key and a card inside the package, save it, you will need it to obtain a replacement. (Take a photo and save it in your phone!)
  • McGard products carry a lifetime finish warranty, claims are handled directly with you through McGard's customer service team.
  • Please verify this is the correct style of lug nut for your wheels before ordering, if you have any questions please ask.



McGard Wheel Locks and Centercap Locks

McGard’s easy to use, one-piece wheel lock functions like a regular lug nut, but requires a special key tool for installation and removal. Its design allows for an unlimited number of different computer generated lock and key patterns. This unique wheel lock system is continually being refined and improved upon. McGard Locks are made right here in the United States to meet or exceed O.E.M. standards for safety and durability. Presently, McGard is an Original Equipment wheel lock supplier to over 30 car lines around the world. Compare our features and you’ll see why McGard is the best wheel & tire protection available.

  1. 8 different hex key sizes
    McGard is the only manufacturer to offer 8 different key hex sizes to match the vehicle’s original equipment lug wrench. You will appreciate this important feature when you have to change a flat tire along the roadside.
  2. User friendly keys
    McGard's steel collar guides the key into the lock pattern. Simply place the key over the lock and turn until the patterns engage. The collar holds the key in alignment for easy installation and removal.
  3. Computer generated extra narrow groove key patterns
    The computer generated key designs allow for an infinite number of key patterns. The narrow groove resists the intrusion of lock removal tools into the pattern
  4. The best chrome plating in the industry
    The best in the industry. McGard's process includes three layers of nickel and one layer of microporous chrome. The first layer of nickel is for corrosion resistance; the second layer of nickel is for luster and the third nickel layer interacts with the microporous chrome layer to disperse nature’s corrosive action (rust).
  5. Through-hardened steel construction
    McGard uses only restricted chemistry steel, made in the United States, specifically for McGard. These special standards insure the structural integrity of each and every fully machined McGard wheel lock. Every lock is through-hardened and tempered, reaching the depth of hardness needed for its unsurpassed level of security (unlike case hardening which is only a surface treatment).
  6. Precision threads
    Core integrity and precision machining provide the highest strength in the industry. All McGard locks and lug nuts meet or exceed the highest OEM proof load standards, 135,000 to 160,000 PSI.
  7. Precise bearing surfaces
    McGard’s standard for concentricity of the bearing surface to the pitch diameter is 30% more precise than OEM standards. This insures even distribution of the clamp load and uniform seating of the lock to the wheel.

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